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Creating values through creative, critical, and structured thinking are my professional values

[Professional Vision in 3 Fields]

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Strategy Consulting

Began my internship journey in Consulting/PE Portfolio

Received Offer from BCG Seoul Office

1st meal in the firm

Consulting Journey will be continued here

Share your interest in consulting with me ;)

- Overview

While I am in the consulting industry for a foreseeable, long-term future,
I pursue my passion in investments, specifically in in Hedge Funds / Private Equity

  - Hedge Funds

Using statistical computing, 23 hr automatic trading system on international derivatives has been set up. Currently going through pilot mode

Collaborating with experts(my friends and partners) on statistical model R&D
to maximize the alpha with tolerable risks

Details will be followed once it forms a proper financial product with transparent return rates!

- Private Equity Funds

Studying and learning about this field

Data Science

Making appropriate predictions from data is the beauty of statistics in my term.
 I look forward to sharing and exchanging different statistical approaches 

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