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Defining moments

Here I share important moments categorized by:

College Grad. Moments

CMU AKPsi - Alpha Iota Class


Graduating Carnegie Mellon Univ. together with other brilliant peers in May 2023

CMU AKPsi - Alpha Iota Class

CMU AKPsi - Alpha Iota Class

CMU AKPsi Business Fraternity Brothers

Daddy made a deep, joyful smile when taking this picture for me ;)

Hard to express in words how grateful I am for his unconditional support

Completely indebted to my No.1 supporter dad eternally

Chilling out after CMU, work, and all that

CMU Business capstone team

Commemorating our rough statistics courses

AKPsi Alpha Iota time

Background: CMU

CMU Tepper Management Game 

AKPsi Alpha Iota time

With my unconditional supporter

Free pic of absurdly priced year book

College Daily Moments

AKPsi Alpha Iota Instructor Group

Big Little Reveal (family line reveal ;)

Bahamamama w. bros in Bahamas Atlantis 

Daily. Literally.

inside the Tepper (my home college building)

Alpha Iota dinner ;)


At the center of campus

Halloween. My costume was 'underprepared bad boy'

Campus chilling out before burning out

Daily, Literally.

Entering business fraternty
with the help of superb instructing team

Alpha Zetas

Alpha Zetas

Team bonding with my Jessi Boss!

Alpha Zetas Halloween

My friend, teacher, and personal consultant SYL

My big

Precious moments in my college life

Instructor Group Reveal - shout out to Vineeth

KSA event during when Netflix 'Squid Game'
was viral

Scene behind Big/Little Reveal

Graduation dinner 

Campus view

Best thing ever - Chick-fil-A

Commemorating our time together as CMU AKPsi
"To deliberate, to receive counsel and advice, and to study the teachings of our fraternity
so that we may become better business leaders" was the organizational value and I liked it

My best and brightest little

After screen golf with CMU Hyungs

Friends say we look alike
What do you think!

Airplane Drive

Me during summer break


having fun with sister as always


Military (Korean Air Force) Moments

JWH <> (and 규열 부모님)

After army training - airforce korea

Military period

Military period

Military period

Military period

Military period

Military period

Military gave me a chance to step back from life and absorb everything that has happened to you

Finshing up the military and celebrating with family 

High School Moments

Highschool Graduation

Highschool Graduation

Student President Award

Learning serious calculus from best teacher

sobbing  from so many mixed feelings during graduation

sobbing  from so many mixed feelings

Getting celebrated!

Me trying to get into college

Getting celebrated!

year book photo

Life changing moment - Running against superb candidates with broken English

Just do it. Do it Again

Gathering - private dorm

My savior

Outfit for a bold move

High School Halloween ;)

Theater crew!

​잼민이 셋, 폴러베어, 너구리, 고슴도치, 그리고 fox

Presidiential Campaign

​잼민이 셋

Vice Presidiential Campaign

High School Daily

Varsity Soccer

Moment after leading victory

Wine night

With Guo Guos before prom

Saddle River Day School in NJ, USA - May 2016

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